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Therapy and Learning Academy

InterPLAY Learnng Academy

Horse Academy

Our goal is to help every child meet their emotional, social, cognitive, physical, and educational goals. We achieve this goal through many different methods using animal facilitated therapy and learning techniques. We also provide a place of respite for our families. At Kiddy Up Ranch, no child is left behind.

InterPLAY Academy is an educational opportunity, which includes children and their families from preschool through high school.


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Horse Academy's goal is to teach beginner through advanced riders how to be confident, caring and committed horse people with a curriculum that educates both inside and outside of the arena. Using a structure that promotes a positive attitude about setting goals, understanding unique learning styles, and overcoming challenges, we develop riders who take the ups and downs of life and riding in stride.

Current Events


August 15th, 26th and 30th Ale House Events


September 19 - Beginner Driving Clinic


October 16 and 17th - Fall Festival


October 23rd - Golf Tournament


All August come to New England's Ale House Grille in Palm Harbor to support Kiddy Up Ranch.


Horses Connecting Kids One Hoofbeat at a Time