Support Kiddy Up Ranch

Your support plays a crucial role in enabling Kiddy Up Ranch to provide therapeutic horse-related programs to children, adults, veterans, and others from all walks of life. We deeply appreciate every contribution and the efforts of our volunteers.



Be A Sponsor

Donate to Help Students

Your donation to Kiddy Up Ranch sponsors a student, providing a lasting impact and opening doors to transformative experiences. Your support helps maintain quality programs that nurture and empower, shaping lives for the better.

Donate to Expand Programs

Your generous donation to Kiddy Up Ranch plays a vital role in expanding our programs to better serve special population groups. By contributing, you enable us to tailor and enhance our offerings, ensuring they are accessible and beneficial to individuals with diverse needs, including those with disabilities or learning challenges.

Donate to Support our Horses and facilities

Your donation to Kiddy Up Ranch directly supports our horses’ care and wellbeing, and contributes to the maintenance and enhancement of our facilities. Your generosity ensures our equine partners receive top-notch care and that our environment remains safe and advanced. 

Over the past decade, Kiddy Up has been fortunate to receive support from a diverse range of volunteers. Assistance can be provided in many forms, including:

Assist in Lessons

Volunteering your time during therapeutic adaptive riding lessons to keep our participants safe.

Assist in Events

Volunteering your time at special events (i.e. directing parking, managing outreach booths, handing out brochures, set-up/breakdown of events)

Give a student hope

Your donation to sponsor a student gives the opportunity to provide an impact that can last for a lifetime! Whether you desire to provide a special needs student with therapeutic riding lessons or another student horseback riding lessons, each gift is appreciated with the upmost thanks.

Sponsor a Horse

You can sponsor one of our “Equine Partners”! Your sponsorship will go to the horse of your choosing and will help cover the cost of their boarding/feeding, shavings, shoeing, routine veterinary care, and supplements.

Donate to Supply Horse Necessities

Our horses need a lot of care. They need food, water, and shelter from the elements. We also need a lot of other supplies, too. Items such as grooming kits, fly spray, shampoo, appropriate adaptive riding tack, and many other essentials are needed. But we can’t do it alone. That is why we have created a Horsecare Fund to supply all of our Equine Partners with their necessities.