About Kiddy Up Ranch

Kiddy Up Ranch serves over 160 families weekly, offering programs for various needs, including special needs, trauma survivors, human trafficking victims, and veterans. It focuses on more than horseback riding, instilling values of agriculture and hard work. The ranch is a haven for healing, resilience, and lifelong learning, providing a nurturing environment for individuals of all backgrounds and abilities.

Initial Inspiration

Kiddy Up Ranch originated from a singular dream, fueled by the connection between one little girl and the aspiration to foster transformative change. In 2010, Mrs. Tammy encountered Terissa Gautney while offering her volunteer services at another ranch. A deep sense of calling resonated within her, leading her to embark on a journey of acquiring knowledge in equine therapy and animal-facilitated learning.

During her extensive internship, Mrs. Tammy envisioned a sanctuary of her own— a place where the union of equines and humans could forge healing, learning, and growth. She initiated her mission on a humble .85-acre land. The exponential growth in the demand for her unique programs led her to relocate to a more expansive 10-acre property.

However, due to unforeseen zoning constraints in 2018, another relocation became inevitable. Now, alongside her husband, Mrs. Tammy proudly owns and manages the current land where Kiddy Up Ranch thrives, extending its services to over 160 families each week.

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Beacon of Hope Mrs. Tammy’s initial inspiration and how her vision has since expanded exponentially

Beacon of Hope

Mrs. Tammy’s initial inspiration stemmed from a little girl with cerebral palsy, but her vision has since expanded exponentially. Today, Kiddy Up Ranch opens its gates to individuals of all abilities and needs, including those with special requirements, trauma survivors, victims of human trafficking, and veterans.

However, the essence of Kiddy Up Ranch transcends beyond horseback riding. A pivotal part of the ranch’s ethos is to instill the values of agriculture and hard work within the community. This commitment is reflected in a plethora of programs meticulously designed to address the diverse needs of the community.

Kiddy Up Ranch stands as a beacon of hope and transformation, offering a sanctuary where resilience is built, spirits are healed, and life-long learnings are acquired. The diverse, inclusive, and nurturing environment ensures that each individual, regardless of their background or abilities, finds a path to renewal and growth within the comforting embrace of nature and the healing presence of horses.